Wine Writing

The author wine tasting in Austria.

Since 2005 I’ve attempted to fund my writing habit by working in the wine industry. So far all that’s happened is I’ve picked up a nasty wine habit. 

Two articles written for The Virginia Wine Gazette:

The Anatomy of a Mouthful

Fear and Viognier – Gonzo wine tasting on the Monticello Trail.

C-VILLE Weekly wine articles:

Wine in the Time of Poverty – How Patricia Kluge’s vineyard reached beyond its means

In 2008 I started Charlottesville’s first wine column, The Working Pour, which I wrote for a year and a half. Here are some highlights:

Opening some old bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon in South Africa.

Red Wine, Please, Easy on the Scorched Earth – Talking about talking about wine.

What Dreams Are Made Of – Behind the New Yorker story on the Jefferson bottles.

Capitalist Fools– Hubris, fraud, and excess in the world of high-end wine.

Sour Grapes – If anyone orders Norton, I’m leaving.

Grapes, Water, Sunshine – Do you know what’s in your wine?

Hemicellulase, Cultured Yeast and GoFerm – Do you know what’s in your wine? Part II

Wine’s blood – Why you’re a moron if you don’t like rosés.

Don’t Call it a Comeback – The rise and fall and rise of Brad McCarthy.