Huguely Trial (Slight Return)

An inability to mourn the sentencing, by judge, of a lacrosse player in Charlottesville.

Waiting for Huguely, August 30, 2012

In Norway last Friday, Anders Breivik was sentenced to 22 years in prison for killing 77 people and wounding 242. One week later I sat in court and watched as George Huguely’s jury-recommended sentence of 26 years for the murder of one woman was reduced to 23. American prison sentences start big and then dwindle as the years go by. With time served and good behavior, Huguely could be out in 20 years. Norwegian law does the opposite, starting small and adding time if the person continues to be a danger to society.

Breveik is unlikely to ever get out alive, but still, the fact that his original penance was less than Huguely’s only reinforces my belief that trying to quantify the consequences of our actions is nonsensical. Outside of the courtroom, there’s no such thing as moral mathematics. Read the rest of this entry »