Stories that are unpublished, hard to find, or otherwise unusual.

What has YouTube Done For Me Lately?: My response to Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year.

Anatomy of a Mouthful: An account of a wine tasting at Keswick Hall on 12/5/2005. This was my first assignment  and the first piece of journalism I had published. Published in the Virginia Wine Gazette.

(Anything But) Far From The Madras Crowd: The second thing I ever wrote for C-VILLE, and still a favorite. Not available online.

Flirting With Anachronism: A visit to the Montpelier Wine Festival, published in C-VILLE 5/16/2006, but not available online.

The Young Americans: A description of the 2009 naturalization ceremony at Monticello. Held every year on July 4th, the ceremony is quite beautiful and moving. Every year the guest speaker is a celebrity who is also a naturalized citizen. In 2009, the guest was the artist Cristo and his partner Jeanne-Claude, famous for wrapping large objects in pink plastic.

Greetings From Second Life!: An exploration of the much hyped Second Life. An altered version of this, with my words woven in with the work of two other writers, was published in C-VILLE in 1/08/2008. The story was picked up by an alt-weekly in Florida as well. Here is the unedited piece I originally wrote.

An Hour and a Half Left to Shit on Your Dreams: In 2006 I visited the Hound Ears Bouldering Competition outside of Boone, NC. In previous years I had competed there, twice taking fourth place. I went back having quit climbing to see what had changed. This story was published online by DPM Climbing. A few minor changes have been made.

The American Century As Seen By A Rock: This was written in the late 90′s and appeared in a now defunct climbing magazine called Boulderdash. It was the first bit of writing I ever had published. It’s basically a rip-off of something David Foster Wallace wrote about tennis in his novel Infinite Jest. Warning: If you’re not a serious rock climber, this may not make any sense.