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Month: January, 2013

Up In Smoke

Published in C-VILLE 3/4/08

Purple_Sticky_Salvia-200x200I am still unable to comprehend that the drug has taken hold. I open my eyes and the colors in the Mexican blanket on my lap seem baked, as if they’re on fire. The furniture is stretched out and far away and my conscious mind bobs just out of reach in the middle of the living room.

“This is the drug,” I think. “That’s what’s happening. I didn’t think it would come on so fast. I didn’t think it would be this intense. Will it ever stop?”

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There Will Be Bacon

Published in C-VILLE 8/18/09

Three pigsTo take “butcher” to mean “botch or mangle” is to mangle the true meaning of the word. A good butcher does anything but that. Sixty-five-year-old Richard Bean, co-owner of Double H Farm in Nelson County, purveyor of sustainably raised pork, poultry and vegetables, is one of the last real butchers around. This is due to regulations on handling meat and also because, as Bean sees it, butchering belongs to a bygone era in this country, an era when people were closer to the source of their food. Closer to the viscera.

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